Childrens Health Fund

Sugar-sweetened soft drinks are the single largest source of sugar in our children’s diets. That’s why at Angela Reed, we’re adding 10p to the price of every soft drink with added sugar.

The money raised will go directly to the Children’s Health Fund which has been set up to support vital children’s food education in the UK.

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The money raised by the levy will be paid into the Children’s Health Fund each month. The Children’s Health Fund was initiated by Jamie Oliver and is supported and administered by the charity Sustain. Jamie has called upon restaurants around the UK to introduce the voluntary 10p levy on soft drinks with added sugar, we are delighted to be able to help.

The levy is subject to VAT so the total amount paid to the Children’s Health Fund is 8.33p from every 10p. 

Sugar sweetened drinks are the largest source of sugar in our children’s diets. Sugary drinks tend to be high in calories but of little or no nutritional value, and their over-consumption is linked with obesity and diabetes. They are also a major cause of tooth decay which is the top reason children aged 5 -9 have to be admitted to hospital. The Children’s Health Fund have asked restauranteurs to implement a levy on sugary drinks, with money raised used to fund initiatives working to improve children’s health.

We couldn’t be prouder to support the work they are doing, and a 10p sugary drinks levy can be found on all soft drinks on our menu that contain added sugar.