Forest Dining

Forest Dining

Whether you prefer the raw natural look or a sleek cleaner contemporary feel, the Forest range should satisfy your design ideas. A near infinite combination of materials, colours and finishes mean there is also great flexibility. Please ask for more information.Our prices are kept as low as possible, often cheaper than the large high street chains. However in the unlikely event that you do find this product cheaper elsewhere then we will endeavour to match it. Please ask us for more information.

Because we can't do this range justice online, we are only able to provide very limited information on this range. We strongly recommend that you come into the shop to see it for yourself!

OPTIONS (shop floor example is underlined below):

TOP: Natural – oak is planed and sanded to achieve a smooth surface

Soft Cracks – naturally occurring cracks are made more visible to give a rustic look

TOP EDGE: Natural – bark is removed and the edge sanded smooth, but left waney

Straight cut – the edges are cut into a straight line

BASE FINISH: Industrial Steel – a raw and matt appearance with shades of colour caused during casting

Black Painted – black painted steel has a simple and effective look which fits in most homes

Stainless steel – has an elegant appearance with a uniform finish created by hand. ONLY on the

Trapezium and U-leg 2 (in both thicknesses)