Ludlow Bedroom

Ludlow Bedroom Range

Handmade in the UK, this modern bedroom range can be painted any colour you like and also made any size. Available with Oak or painted tops.
Ludlow Bedstead

Available in 4 sizes:

Single, Double, King and Super King

1 Drawer Bedside

H64cm W45cm D36cm

2 Drawer Bedside

H57cm W45cm D36cm

3 Drawer Bedside

H77cm W45cm D36cm

Blanket Chest

H47cm W124cm D44cm

2+2 Chest

H97cm W99cm D44cm

2+3 Chest

H124cm W99cm D44cm

3+4 Chest

H97cm W142cm D44cm

Narrow Chest

H133cm W49cm D34cm

Dressing Chest

H77cm W150cm D45cm

Single Ped Dressing Chest

H77cm W112cm D44cm

Gents Chest

H133cm W105cm D44cm

Large 2 Drawer Wardrobe

H193cm W120cm D59cm

Large Wardrobe

H193cm W120cm D59cm

Small 1 Drawer Wardrobe

H193cm W96cm D59cm

Small Wardrobe

H193cm W96cm D59cm