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How to throw a stunning Jubilee garden party

As the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee approaches, our focus is moving towards the Great British garden party! We have had a lot of practise in outdoor dining over the last few years, so it will not be hard to add a few extra touches to make it a celebration to remember.

The more elaborate an outdoor dining table, the better. Be sure to put a table cloth on the table. You can add colour either through a brightly coloured table cloth, or using a runner. Make sure you use proper linen napkins. You can tie them with ribbons or string and add a sprig of a herb or even a little flower.

Put tables together to create lots of space! If you are hosting lots of friends and family, then don’t be afraid to drag all of your indoor furniture outside (weather permitting). Put several tables together to either create one long table, or to have them all placed in the round.

Red, white and blue. Really embrace this celebration with patriotic colours. You can either use your table linen or candle sticks, or even the choice of flowers on the table to introduce your colour scheme. By bringing lots of fresh flowers to the table in colourful vases it can create a really striking tablescape.

Eclectic tableware. We love our Madeira collection. They are colourful and quirky all at the same time. Don’t feel you have to have everything matching, but experiment with size, colour, textures and ensure they are full of delicious foods. Let everyone help themselves also, just heap the food onto the centre of the table and let everyone dig in.

Lots of colourful jugs. Fill jugs with water and fresh-seasonal fruit for the children and enjoy some Pimms for the adults. If you keep an extra table outside with all of the refreshments, you can also have a selection of different glasses to give with each type of drink.

Seat pads. Stay comfy throughout the day with lots of seat pads, throws and cushions. You want to enjoy a long al fresco lunch, not be so uncomfortable your guests depart early.

Dinner candles. Candles can be used outside as long as it isn’t too windy and ensure they are securely in their holders. Even if it is day-time, you can keep the candles on the table to look really stunning. If it is windy, or you want to have scented candles, consider some hurricane lamps for the table.

Music. Make sure you have music. If you wanted a quintessential English luncheon, choose some classical music, but if you want more of a party-vibe, then make sure you have some small portable speakers to have on or near the table.

Cover up. You don’t want to ruin the aesthetic by using a plastic gazebo, but you may want some shelter from the sun or rain. If it’s sunny, opt for something striking like a Bali Parasol.

Basket of blankets and throws. Now that we aren’t lighting our fires, you can repurpose your log backet by filling it with blankets and throws to keep your guests warm. They can also be laid out on the lawn for the children to play on.

Champagne bucket and glasses. Ensure you have a way of keeping your drinks cool. Having a choice of glasses and a selection of drinks means that none of your guests will be thirsty and you can toast the Queen in style!

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